About the agency

Our focus is on clean, Mobile Responsive Web Design. We also design and develop effective and award winning Mobile Applications. Some of our more recognizable clients include the Crystal Bridges Museum, Field Agent, Cox Communications, Activision, Houndstooth Press, General Mills and Lighting Emporium.

2014 Holidays
February, 24, 2015

2015 signifies ten years in business and we took this opportunity to recognize the achievement by hand delivered sparkling wine along with our yearly custom holiday greeting cards. Thank you for a wonderful ten years. View the Project

Updated Mobile Site
January, 15, 2015

We are extremely happy to present our updated mobile site. It's been in the design queue for a while but with so many incredible client projects last year our promotional design time was limited. It all paid off in the end and we hope you enjoy.

New Office
April, 11, 2014

2014 is shaping up to be an interesting year, this January we moved into a renovated 1920s feed store located in historic downtown Rogers, Arkansas. We're getting acquainted with the much larger space but enjoying it very much. Look us up.

2013 Holiday Gifts
March, 13, 2014

Our 2013 client gifts included a custom holiday greeting card and a Native Union POP Phone handset. Thank you all for the wonderful feedback we received. We had a great year and hope to see each of you again in 2014. View the Project

Logo Nest Book 3
March, 03, 2014

We have been fortunate enough to have our graphic design work selected for the black & white Logo Nest book 3 and we couldn't be more proud! The Logo Nest book is made primarily of admirable logo designs carefully selected from the submissions of the year. Purchase your copy by visiting Logo Nest.

2012 Holiday Gifts
January, 22, 2013

This years client gifts included a custom notebook printed in Germany accompanied by an original holiday card featuring Nessy dressed as the Grinch. Each hardcover notebook is embossed with our logo, completed by an attached bookmark, rear pocket and dot grid pages. View the Project

Logopond Book One
December, 15, 2012

We are among the lucky few that made it into the pages of the very first Logopond book. Look for our featured designer profile and our work scattered throughout. Take a sneak peek inside the book and purchase a copy for your collection at the Logopond store.

2012 Muse Awards
November, 13, 2012

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art's iPhone and iPad tour guide app took home the top prize at the 2012 Muse Awards additionally winning the Bronze for Mobile Applications. There were many fantastic applicants in all categories and we appreciate the recognition.

LogoLounge Book 7
July, 20, 2012

Congratulate us, we have officially been published in the latest LogoLounge book. Distributed by the major retail chains including Barnes and Noble, LogoLounge has been in print since 2006 and we were pleased to be included. Pick up a copy today at Amazon.

Logo Nest Book 2
May, 21, 2012

Logo Nest recently wrapped up the publishing of their illustrious second design book. The authors have crafted a beautiful red, limited edition run overflowing with hundreds of fantastic creations and that includes several designs of ours as well.

Holiday Gift Giving
January, 02, 2012

We celebrated 2011 by presenting our clients with a hand stitched and stuffed Loch Ness monster ornament. Each accompanying tag is hand stamped and features an original holiday design. A big thank you to all of our clients for a great year.

2011 Halloween Posters
October, 31, 2011

Celebrate Halloween by downloading some fresh, vector artwork. We've designed a trilogy of minimalist posters for the movies: Halloween, Shaun of the Dead and The Evil Dead. Print, share and most of all enjoy. Download here.

National History Day
March, 15, 2011

The Northwest Arkansas National History Day Competition petitioned us to participate as a judge ranking Junior Individual Division websites for placement in the National History Day Competition at the state level. We appreciated the opportunity.

Classic Gaming Expo
January, 10, 2011

We were ecstatic when the Classic Gaming Exposition asked us to design several pieces for their 2010 event. Within a very limited time frame we were able to design badges, banners, posters, advertisements and the expo program cover.

2010 Halloween Posters
October, 31, 2010

We've designed three minimalist posters representing the original Friday the 13th trilogy. These 13×30 posters are printed on semi-velvet stock perfect for framing. Contact us if your interested in purchasing a set of your own. View them all here.

Make Magazine
May, 10, 2007

Make Magazine is one of our favorite past time reads and it was an honor to be asked to provide artwork for an article in their third issue. We would like to direct your attention to the article titled Voltage, Current, and Resistance by Joe Grand.

2006 Kumate Awards
October, 22, 2006

Our "heart and pencil" design for the University of Arkansas' Writers in the Schools program has won the Silver Buddha at the Northwest Arkansas Art Directors Club. A huge thank you to all the judges and coordinators.

Activision Anthology
November, 19, 2002

Holy $!#&, Activision and AtariAge recently requested vectorized reproductions of their entire Atari 2600 catalog. The video game label artwork was subsequently used in the releases for PlayStation 2, Windows/Mac PC and the Game Boy Advance. See also: Koffi.