IE6 Upgrade Option

IE6 Upgrade Option displays a warning message, simply and politely, informing the user that their browser is out of date while providing links to download newer, more optimal browser choices.


IE6 Upgrade Option utilizes the 25K script created by Free the Foxes (FTF) as a WordPress plugin. Originally this plugin utilized a smaller 7K script but its limits had been met in terms of language support, ease-of-use and options for using the warning messages on browsers other than IE6 (refer to the ie6-upgrade-option.php file for instructions on multiple browser usage).

The warning message is displayed using a lightbox effect that hovers over the page content. The idea is to display a warning message, simply and politely, informing the user that their browser is out of date while providing links to download newer, more optimal browser choices. Optional browser links included are: IE9, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Chrome. While this plugin was originally intended for use with IE6 it has now been expanded, due to popular demand, to include a warning message capable of being displayed in any browser. Don't like Firefox? Simply adjust the FTF rating and ask your users to use IE8. This is not limited to a a single browser either, use the multi-browser version to display the warning in IE6, IE7 and Chrome simultaneously for example.

The background web page will remain visible through the transparent lightbox while the user is given the option of closing the window and agreeing that their experience may be severely degraded or downloading a new browser. The javascript then installs a cookie preventing the window from appearing again. The script is loaded in the site footer in two ways: selectively (as in the case of the basic setup) or permanent (if desiring to use this for browsers other than IE6).

To change the text to reflect the language of your choice simply open the "lang" folder and create your own .json file to replace the default message, then be sure to add your new language code to the ie6-upgrade-option.php file. Current translations include: English, French, German, Spanish, Hungarian, Swedish, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch and Norwegian Bokmâl.

  1. Download the plugin and expand it.
  2. Copy the ie6-ppgrade-option folder into your plugins folder ( wp-content/plugins ).
  3. Log-in to the WordPress administration panel and visit the Plugins page.
  4. Locate the ie6-upgrade-option plugin and click on the activate link.
  5. To enable the use of this plugin with more than just IE6 you can follow the instructions to the left or replace the ie6-upgrade-option.php file with the version from the "multi-browser" folder.

107 Comments, Questions & Answers

  1. federicom Commented On

    Is this plugin compatible with WP multisite?

    I installed it in the network admin dashboard, and enabled it network-wide, but I can't find it in the plugin section of a site that belongs to my network.

  2. Rachel S. Heslin Commented On

    My knowledge of javascript is conceptual only (meaning that I more or less know how it works and can figure out the gist of an existing script, but I can't code it myself.) I would like to remove Opera and Safari from the list of options and ensure that visitors are guided to IE 8 (rather than 9 or 10, since they are most likely to be using OSs that can't run the higher iterations.) How would I go about doing this? I'm afraid I'll end up taking out only the icons or just the links or in some other way making a mess. 😛

    Thank you! This is an awesome plug-in, and just what I needed to placate a client who wanted me to make the site compatible with IE6. *shudder*

  3. AL Commented On

    Hi, guys! Great plugin. It's working fine! I have one question though: How to exclude IE10? The plugin pops up thinking it is IE6. Your help is truly appreciate it.


  4. Is there scope for the AOL Browser to be included in the list of browsers that get warned about? If there’s one thing I hate it’s the AOL Browser.



  5. This plugin is working well, except that I can't figure out how I can change the text beginning "We no longer support IE6…"

    I am using this with IE7 also, so I would like to be able to change the text to say something like "We no longer support IE7 or earlier…"

    Any ideas? Thanks!

    • Erin,

      You will need to open the "lang" folder and then (assuming your main language is English) open the "en.json" file in a text editor of your choice. You will see the following:

         "text_upgrade_now" : "Upgrade Now",
         "text_you" : "YOU",
         "button_continue" : "Continue Anyway",
         "button_close" : "Close",
         "text_you_are_using" : "",
         "message_failed" : "Did you know this version of Internet Explorer is out of date?",
         "message_acceptable" : "Not bad. Try using our other recommendations.",
         "message_recommended" : "Good choice. Stick with it.",
         "message_description" : "We no longer support Internet Explorer 6. Things are bound to be broken and perhaps unuseable. We recommend an upgrade to a newer version of Internet Explorer or another web browser. A list of the most popular browsers can be found below.",
         "message_warning" : "If you choose to continue without upgrading you acknowledge that your experience on this website will be degraded.",
         "message_error" : "Sorry, something went wrong. We're fixing it.",
         "status_loading" : "Loading...", 
         "status_approved" : "Browser Approved.", 
         "status_acceptable" : "Browser Acceptable.", 
         "status_failed" : "Browser Failed.", 
         "link_check" : "Check"

      Make any changes you need here and don't worry about screwing anything up you can always download the file again. Just be sure to include the ", at the end of each line.

      Let me know if you have any more trouble.

  6. dove_g Commented On

    If you want this message to appear for IE7 and IE6 also edit/change this to:
    echo '<!--[if IE 6]>';
    echo '<!--[if lte IE 7]>';
    which means IF lower than or equal IE7.

    Also I've changed this:

    ftf.rate = {
    "firefox" : 1,
    "chrome" : 1,
    "opera" : 1,
    "safari" : 1,
    "ie6" : 3,    
    "ie7" : 3,    
    "ie8" : 1,
    "ie9" : 1

  7. Todd Commented On

    HI Team,

    I've developed a website using a template that is only requires a minimum of IE8, IE9, Firefox 3, Firefox 4, Safari 4, Safari 5, Opera, Chrome to be viewed properly.

    My only concerned is having the upgrade notification warning message pop up if a user has either IE6 or IE7, so for both. the standard install is working fine for IE6 with the warning message popping up as designed but I need it to pop up for IE7 as well.

    I think the site is okay with IE8 and for sure with IE9. I'm having a problem with understanding how to get this to work if it's possible. Could you there fore provide me with very specific instruction or the exact code to use to get this to work? I'm not a coder so would very much appreciate your help.

    Thank you.

  8. Nichole Commented On


    I'd really love to use your plugin but when I activated it in WP 3.3.1, I got the message that this plugin has no headers? Weird.

    Any suggestions?

    • Nichole,

      Try deactivating all other plugins and then activating IE6 Upgrade Option. There may be a conflict between two plugins. I say this because I'm currently running IE6 Upgrade Option on 3.3.1 on this website.

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