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Veterinary Advantage Magazine focuses on activating the animal health distribution channel, which does approximately $7 billion in annual sales. Vet Advantage's mission is to actively engage, educate and inform animal health distributor sales reps, enabling them to increase their value to animal health customers and suppliers.

Vet Advantage wanted to create a straightforward and reliable way for sales reps to be able to access medical data in and out of cell phone coverage areas. We worked with Vet Advantage to create a solution, known as VAMConnect.

VAMConnect is a document sharing mobile app developed for the Animal Health Industry that allows for management and sharing of all marketing materials and other documents internally within an organization and also externally with business partners.

The documents are made available to users via a mobile friendly website design, as well as mobile apps developed for iPad and iPhone (and coming soon to Android). Doc4 Design provided a simple interface and minimalistic design to contrast the highly technical and complex nature of the material.

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