Animals in Modern Branding

Incorporating animals into identities is not a groundbreaking topic by any means but making the design work on a professional level isn't always an easy task. Making use of an artist's illustration skills with a well-tuned imagination can push a design past the stock photography / college mascot crowd which is easy to get lost in. Here we have gathered thirty-nine professional and inspirational animal logo designs ranging from photography studios to aviation. If you're looking for a little inspiration this post should be able to help. From silhouettes to mystical beasts, animal identities are everywhere some obvious and some hidden.

  • artopus
  • mosquito
  • hedgehog
  • black sparrow
  • afan
  • batgirl
  • bebocean
  • loan star steakhouse
  • birds nest cafe
  • brasverde ambiental
  • braunhofer visions
  • camp david
  • caymann entertainment
  • clementine casper
  • conejo
  • eaza
  • icarus
  • sima financial group
  • elefante
  • elkins dental
  • giraffe
  • hot rods and hairy beasts
  • enlightened octopus
  • mad cow
  • grizedale lodge
  • aguanacos equipe
  • gus trans
  • happy lama
  • jungle bells
  • kaleo films
  • kpoxa
  • luisito
  • maldavio aviation
  • mojito
  • narwhale inc
  • pet health today
  • sara wellmeier photography
  • stc
  • unknown
Dale Crum

Dale Crum

Owner / Creative Director at Doc4 Design