Parenti-Morris Eyecare

Parenti-Morris Eyecare of Rogers, Arkansas was in need of a complete rebranding. In a business where image is literally everything, they could no longer afford to have an outdated website, or a brand that didn't separate them from the competition.

The success or failure of this rebranding campaign would hinge on our ability to create a new logo design in an industry overflowing with logos that tend to all look the same. Our answer was to turn a linguistic metaphor into a visual one, utilizing one of the last unused memes in the world of vision care logos, resulting in a subtle but unique solution.

Next, Parenti-Morris called on Doc4 to implement a clean, minimalistic design layout for their website. We created a user environment that instills a sense of peaceful longevity and accomplished the goals of expressing consistency and craftsmanship in every detail of the site.

Finally, we tied all of these design concepts together in a letterhead and stationary package – a vital marketing tool, even in today's digital age.

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